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  1. I love how God works. Just heard the sermon from Sunday, right after I was driving along the expressway and passed a huge semi trailer that had in huge letters HEAVEN OR HELL ITS YOUR CHOICE. It also had several bible verses on the back and side. I did notice that the mud flaps said OZARK. I thought it was wonderful and wondered if a truck line from the north would have that in such huge letters. I also thought that a good hymn for that sermon would have been LEAD ME GUIDE ME ALONG THE WAY . I asked for that hymn to be sung one time before the service and I have the ability to read lips pretty well. Pastor Buss said “well that was different”. I got a good laugh out of it but a former church used that hymn quite a bit , played in a honky tonk kind of way and that hymn is so stuck in my head. Comes up in this weird head exactly when needed. Love to all of you. MIss you terribly and so enjoy the ability to hear the sermons on a regular basis.

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