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Connection Points
“Being Human” –
This weekend at Immanuel we began a sermon series on what it means to be human. The truth is, we live in a world today that finds itself struggling with what it means to be human. How are people different from animals? What does it mean to be male or female? When does human life begin and when does it end? All these issues are rooted in one simple question – What does it mean to be human?

People try to answer this question through science, philosophy, and various world religions. Some of these things may help shed some light on what it means to be a human being, but as a part of this sermon series, we encourage you to look to God’s Word.
In God’s Word you will find that the Lord has some amazing things to say about who we are as human beings. It’s amazing how when you get the first question answered, “What does it mean to be human?” – then being a human, actually becomes one of the coolest things ever.