Connection Point


Connection Points
1 Corinthians 1:23-
Preach Christ! It’s a simple message. Jesus, the Son of God, lived, died, and rose so that we might have the forgiveness of sins. In Jesus, we have life – today and forever. This message of the cross is often confused, changed, or missed entirely. As believers, we must never lose sight of the message of the cross. It is for us and it is for the world.

Now it’s true – some may be offended by the message of a crucified and risen Jesus. However, in our lives as believers, let’s make sure that it’s the Gospel that offends and not our arrogance, pride, bad behavior, or “holier than thou” attitude. The cross is a stumbling block but it can also bring life and salvation. The stumbling blocks we set out for people by our sin – those just hurt people. So please, share the offensive message of Jesus, but as you do so, remember to love others, confess your own sins, and be ready to listen to people who are hurting and in desperate need of the hope of Jesus.