Connection Point


Connection Points
(1 Corinthians 2:1-12)
I taught 3rd grade for many years before becoming a pastor. Every now and then I would need a student to bring a note down to the school office. When I would ask for a volunteer to deliver the message, every hand in the class would go up. Delivering a message to the school office was very exciting for 3rd graders.

As adults, we too get to deliver messages. Unfortunately, sometimes we are required to deliver bad news – that’s never much fun. But other times we get to deliver really good news – we all enjoy doing that. As Christians, we have a great message to deliver. The Holy Spirit uses us to deliver the message of Jesus. Paul reminds us in today’s reading that you don’t need to be a great speaker or possess great knowledge to share this message. It really is not about us – but the Spirt that works in us to speak of the crucified and risen Jesus. You’ve received a great message – don’t be surprised when you have opportunities to share it with others.