Group Discussion Questions

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• Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-16 and Matthew 5:13-16
• What jumped out at you from the readings, message, or devotion?
• Who are the people in your life that have delivered the message of Jesus to you?
• According to Paul, was is not required and what is required to be a messenger of the Good News?
• Who is the true messenger? Is it sometimes easy to get focused on the person instead of the message?
• There’s nothing wrong with being a great speaker and having great wisdom. However, the power is found where?
• When the Spirit is not working in us to deliver the message of Jesus to the world – what then is left to deliver messages? What kinds of messages to we sometimes deliver when we live according to our sinful nature?
• Don’t forget the Spirit delivers the message of Jesus to you too. What are the ways the Spirit comes to us?