Connection Point


Connection Points
(John 20:19-31)-

After His resurrection – Jesus just kept showing up. In today’s Gospel reading Jesus shows up twice to His disciples. When Jesus showed up to the disciples He brought peace, joy, faith, and the Holy Spirit. He also put them to work for the sake of the Gospel.

Have you ever longed for Jesus to show up in your life? Maybe you’ve been battered by the burdens of life and you have cried out for Jesus to show up and make things right. Maybe you’ve even felt abandoned by God. Maybe you’ve wondered if God is even there. Satan would have us believe that God is not there because we can’t see Him and because life is difficult. However, the Scriptures reveal that Jesus not only shows up, but he sticks around and is ever present in His Word and Sacraments. We may not see Jesus the way Thomas and the others saw Jesus, but we in faith trust in His promise that He is with us always even unto the end of the age.