Connection Point

Connection Points
(Luke 24:13-35) –

In this week’s Gospel reading we once again find Jesus showing up all over the place after His resurrection. This time He meets the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. I’ve always liked this post-resurrection event because it shows us what Jesus almost always does when He shows up. First, Jesus found them on the road. He did not require them to find Him. Jesus meets us where we are in life too. Second, Jesus does not make excuses for our sin. In this case He points out how foolish these two guys are for not recognizing how the Scriptures pointed to Jesus. Jesus calls the brokenness in our life what it is too – sin! Finally, when Jesus shows up, He reveals the truth of the Gospel – He reveals Himself. He did it for the two men at the meal and He does it for us today through Word and Sacrament. Thanks be to God that Jesus meets us where we are, calls sin what it is, and reveals Himself as our crucified and risen Savior!