Group Discussion Questions

• Read Luke 24:13-35
• What questions did you have about the sermon, devotion, or reading?
• Why is it theologically significant that Jesus shows up and finds these men and not the other way around (The men finding Jesus)?
• Can you think of other examples from the life of Jesus when He showed up in someone’s life unexpectedly?
• How is the incarnation (Jesus being born a man) a perfect example of Jesus meeting us where we are?
• Why is it important that Jesus never makes excuses for our sin? Why is it a good thing that he calls sin what it is?
• Jesus allowed the eyes of these two men in today’s reading to be opened. What do we see when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to Jesus?
• Where did Jesus point the men when he began explain things to them?
• What do some people look for in God’s Word? What is the ultimate purpose of God’s Word (This Gospel reading helps us remember this)?