Connection Point

Connection Points
(John 10:1-15)-

John 10 is all Good News. But there’s two important pieces of Good News to remember this week. First, we hear that the sheep know the Shepherds voice. That’s great news because there are a lot of voices out there and not all lead to good things. We know the voice of the Shepherd because he comes to us in His Word and in the waters of Baptism.

The second piece of Good News is even better than the first – The Good Shepherd knows His sheep. We sheep tend to stray and ignore the Shepherd’s voice. We get lost and find ourselves broken and burdened with sin because we have listened to other voices like the world, the devil, and our own sinful nature. But thanks be to God that He knows His sheep. He knows us as His forgiven and redeemed children because as Galatians 3:26-27 reminds us – in baptism we have been, “clothed with Christ.” God the Father knows you because God the Father knows His Son and our Savior Jesus.