Connection Point


Connection Points
(Acts 17:16-21)-

In our text today Paul finds himself Athens and is moved in the spirit and greatly distressed by all the worship of false gods and idols he sees in the city. In other words, he sees that there are many people that have not heard the message of the Gospel. Therefore, he speaks the Gospel to them – the message of a crucified and risen Jesus. Paul did not just preach to the choir so to speak. He spoke with people that didn’t know Jesus. It was the message of the Gospel – not Paul’s elaborate speech or amazing intellect, that caught the people’s attention. Now as we will see next week, the response to the Gospel can be different for different people. But for now, Paul is not worried about that. His task is to speak of the risen Jesus – to speak the Word – to speak the Gospel! May the Holy Spirit move us to speak of Jesus to our families, our friends, and those we do life with every day.