Connection Point


Connection Points
(John 14:25-31) –

The older I get the more reminders I seem to need. Unless I write it down, I can’t remember anything these days. In John 14 Jesus tells the disciples that the Holy Spirit will remind them of everything he has spoken to them. We constantly need these “Holy Reminders” in God’s Word. Some of those reminders comes to us as Law. The Law can help us stay out of trouble in this life and it can guide us in how we can serve our neighbor. But most importantly it shows us just how broken and sinful we are.
But then there are the Gospel reminders! The Gospel carries us through life and it motivates us as we serve and love our neighbor. But best of all – The Gospel shows us our Savior Jesus! There are some great Gospel reminders found in this week’s text as well. We are reminded that Jesus brings peace, Jesus will come again, and the prince of this world has no power over Jesus. That’s a reminder worth writing down.