Connection Point


Connection Points
(Acts 2:1-21) –

Power comes in many different forms. There is power in nature – Tornados, raging rivers, and the ocean. Words can be powerful. If you’ve been on the receiving end of the words, “I love you” or “I hate you” you know the power of words. The examples are endless. There is nuclear power, power hitters in baseball, the power of medicine, and the power of prayer. In today’s reading we hear of another kind of power – The power of the Holy Spirit.

So what does the Holy Spirit have the power to do? Well technically anything thing since the Holy Spirit is God. The Spirit does His work through Word and Sacrament where and when He chooses. The Spirit strengthens and sustains our faith. The Spirit moves us and motivates us to love our neighbor, care for creation, and share the Gospel. But most importantly the Spirit opens our eyes to see our sin and to see our Savior. The Spirit makes believers. The Spirit opens the eyes of the spiritually blind so that they might see Jesus.