September 10, 2017

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Mark 1 :1, 9-20

Connection Point:
“What time is it? Knight Time!” This is a common responsive cheer heard at sporting events at Immanuel Lutheran School since we are the Immanuel Knights. In the Gospel reading today we hear of the baptism of Jesus, His temptation in the wilderness and the beginning of His ministry. Jesus declares that, “The time has been fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15) Jesus does not say it is Knight time, but instead says it is “Go Time!”

When the school bus arrives, it is time for school. When the trash truck arrives, you better have the garbage cans out. When Jesus arrives, the Kingdom of God is at hand and it is time to repent and believe the Gospel! Jesus does not show up and make demands that you do these things. Jesus shows up in your baptism and in God’s Word and raises you from the dead. Now that you are alive, Jesus says, “Let’s Go!” Jesus has come – Just as the Father promised. It’s Go Time!

Group Discussion Question:
• Read Mark 1 :1, 9-20
• What questions do you have about the reading, the sermon or the devotion?
• Mark begins his writing by telling us exactly what he thinks is the most important thing to know. What does he tell us in verse one?
• All the Gospels show us that Jesus is the Son of God, but Mark does so by showing us all that Jesus does. What things does Jesus do that show us He is God?
• When Jesus is baptized, “who” else shows up? Why do you think this is significant?
• As soon as Jesus is baptized and begins His work, He goes out to the desert and the devil shows up. Why does the devil show up? Does the devil show up in our lives after our baptism and after God puts us to work?
• Jesus declares that the time has been fulfilled. These words are “promise language” from the Old Testament. What do you think I mean by that?
• When Jesus shows up we know it is God showing up. What words in this week’s reading confirm this?
• When Jesus shows up we basically do two things in response – what are they?

Sermon Video Clip: