September 24, 2017

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Mark 2:13-17

Connection Point:
Jesus, the Great Physician, makes house calls. Last week he healed Peter’s mother-in-law at Peter’s house and this weekend He shows up at Matthew’s place of employment and then ends up at his house for dinner. If the Almighty Creator of all things (Yes, Jesus is deserving of that title) shows up at my house unannounced, I am in trouble. Even if I know He is coming I am in trouble. When Jesus shows up sin is exposed. Matthew’s sin was exposed and so is yours and mine.

But when Jesus shows up He not only exposes sin, but takes it away. The Great Physician does not leave you sick in your sin. It’s not so much a miracle drug – but it is a miracle that the Son of God would die on a cross and be raised from the dead so that we might be healed and have life. As we celebrate Legacy Weekend at Immanuel, we encourage you to live the life you have been given in Christ – A Forgiven Life!

Group Discussion Question:
• Read Mark 2:13-17
• What questions did you have about this week’s reading, message, or devotion?
• Matthew ends up being a disciple of Jesus. Who chose who? Did Jesus choose Matthew or di Matthew choose Jesus?
• What was Matthew doing when Jesus chose him? What do you know about tax collectors in this day?
• Does the fact that Jesus finds Matthew in the midst of his sinful life bring us any comfort?
• The Scribes accused Jesus of being a friend of sinners because he associated with them. Doing thing would have made him ceremonially unclean according to Jewish custom. What does this tell us about the Scribes and about Jesus?
• Jesus, the Great Physician, made house calls. He went to those who were sick in their sin. How does Jesus still do that today?

Sermon Video Clip: