October 15, 2017

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Mark 5:1-20 and Revelation 12:7-17
CLICK HERE TO READ Revelation 12:7-17

Connection Point:
Evil is real! Sometime evil is easily identified. In today’s Gospel, a man is possessed by evil spirits and the results are devastating. A couple weeks ago we saw evil possess a man in Las Vegas and the results were devastating. Sometimes evil attacks us in ways hidden from others – addiction, abuse, or neglect. Evil disguises itself to look and feel good with promises of satisfaction and power. Evil enters our schools, laws, and homes. And don’t forget about the evil that resides in each of us by way of our sinful nature. Evil is real.

But today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus is real and Jesus is more powerful than any evil. Jesus brings healing where there’s pain and suffering. Jesus brings promises of life, peace, and forgiveness. When no one sees your hurts, Jesus does and comes to you in His Word. That evil that resides in us – He takes that upon Himself, takes it to the cross, and leaves it behind in the grave on Resurrection Day. Jesus is real and Jesus is powerful.

Group Discussion Question:
• Read Mark 5:1-20 and Revelation 12:7-17
• What do you remember from the readings, message, or devotion this week?
• Evil touched the man in the Gospel reading in a devastating way. In what ways do you see the devastating effects of evil in the world today?
• How has evil/sin in the world touched your life?
• How have you seen evil rear its ugly head in your life through your own sinful nature?
• There is no doubt we can make laws to curb evil and punish evil. But what (or who) is the only thing that can defeat evil?
• In today’s reading Jesus drives out evil from the man possessed. How does Jesus drive out evil today? How does He do this in us and then through us in the world?

Sermon Video Clip: