October 22, 2017

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Mark 6:1-6

Connection Point:
Have you ever rejected something that was good for you? I do it every time I go to a restaurant. I reject the “Healthy Options” section of the menu, and instead embrace the section that includes, bacon and French fries. Menus these days include the number of calories each item contains. I still reject the healthy items and instead select the item with 1,100 calories and 43 grams of fat.

In today’s reading, Jesus travels to his hometown where his family still lived and where people knew him. However, the people rejected Jesus and “took offense” at him. Why would they reject the Son of God and the message of the Gospel? For the same reason we do it still today. We are sinners who reject what is good for us and cling to things that hurt us. But thanks be to God – Jesus doesn’t reject us. He comes to us in mercy and gives us what is good for us. The “Good Stuff” He gives, changes our hearts, forgives our sins, and makes us “rejoicers” instead of “rejecters!”

Group Discussion Question:
• Read Mark 6:1-6
• What stuck with you from the reading, message, or devotion?
• What happened when Jesus began to teach and heal in his hometown?
• Why do you think they responded differently than some of the others that heard Jesus?
• Why do people “take offense” to Jesus today? Do you think pastors and teachers of the faith ever have a hard time sharing the Gospel with members of their family?
• How did their lack of faith impact what Jesus ended up doing there?
• Is there any Good News (Gospel) in this text? (Yes – but what is it?)
• Jesus brought the Gospel message to everyone regardless of who they are. Why must we remember that? Why is that actually Good News for us too?

Sermon Video Clip: