November 19, 2017

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Mark 7:24-30 & Revelation 19:11-18
CLICK HERE TO READ Revelation 19:11-18

Connection Point:
Crumbs make me grumble. I find them on the floor, in my car, and even on my couch. But in today’s reading we find a woman who rejoices in the crumbs. She has no other choice. Her daughter is possessed by a demon and no one else can help. She has heard of this Jesus who heals the sick, raises the dead, and yes – drives out demons. Jesus speaks some harsh law to her, but that law only confirms her condition – she has no hope. She will hang around the One who gives out grace, mercy, and forgiveness in abundance and hope she gets a few crumbs that fall to the floor along the way.

Our Lord has given us a feast of mercy in His Word and Sacrament. Sometimes it feels like all we have is crumbs. But as we approach Thanksgiving, we can give thanks that God did not hold back when He provided for our redemption. He gave us everything – He gave us His Son so that we might live.

Group Discussion Question:
• Read Mark 7:24-30 & Revelation 19:11-18
• What questions or thoughts did you have about the readings, sermon, or devotion?
• What is your first gut reaction the Mark reading this week? Did it bother you at all?
• God speaks truth to us in His Word. What are the two “words” of truth that God’s Word speaks to us?
• Some people took offence to the words of Jesus. How was the woman in the Mark reading different?
• Are there times when all life seems to offer are crumbs?
• Why does this woman decide to stick with Jesus even after He speaks a word of law to her?
• Why do we stick with Jesus even when the Word reveals that we are sinners?

Sermon Video Clip: