January 14, 2018

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Numbers 14:5-10 & John 1:43-51
CLICK HERE TO READ Numbers 14:5-10

Connection Points 1-14-18 (Numbers 14:5-10)

Trusting a promise in the face of danger can be challenging.  Imagine a child standing on a diving board while a parent is in the water waiting to catch them and urging them to jump.  The parent promises the child that they are not in danger and that they will be right there with them the whole time.  It isn’t easy for the child to block out everything else and simply trust the promise of the parent.

I wonder if Joshua, Caleb, Moses, and Aaron all felt like the parent begging the child to jump when the Israelites would not trust God to lead them into the Promised Land.  The people there were big and strong, and the Israelites were terrified.  But God had promised that they would defeat their enemies and that He would go with them into the land.  As we walk through life confessing sins, loving others, and trusting that our sins are forgiven in Christ; the Spirit reminds us that God’s promises are sure and certain and that He goes with us wherever we go.

Connection Point Discussion Questions 1-14-18

  • Read Numbers 14:5-10
  • What impacted you from the reading, sermon, or devotion this week?
  • Can you recall a time in life when you needed to trust the promises of another person?
  • What other things/people/technologies in life do we trust even though we don’t understand?
  • Why did Joshua and Caleb want to enter the Promised Land?
  • Trusting in God’s promises is not always popular (the people wanted to stone Caleb and Joshua). When have you faced persecution (or others you know) for trusting in God’s promises?
  • What are some of the promises God has kept in your life? How has God been faithful to you?


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