January 21, 2018

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Joshua 4:1-24, Mark 1:14-20
CLICK HERE TO READ Joshua 4:1-24

Connection Points 1-21-18 (Joshua 4:1-24)

“What do these stones mean?” When Israel crossed the Jordan River that the Lord had dried up, God told Joshua to instruct the people to take 12 stones from the riverbed and set them up as a memorial to what God had done for His people. In the future, when people would see these stones and ask about them, the Israelites could tell of their powerful God and what He had done.

Every time I walk into church and see the cross, the baptismal font, or even a Bible sitting on a table I am reminded of our powerful God and the great things He has done for us in and through Jesus.  I see reminders everywhere of God’s power and faithfulness.  I see it in the rainbow, in the miracle of birth, and in the picture of my wife and kids sitting on my desk. Best of all, I see it in the believers (Living Stones) in my life.  These reminders in life bring joy, peace, and courage as we live the lives God has gifted to us.


 Connection Points Discussion Questions 1-21-18

  • Read Joshua 4:1-24
  • What questions did you have about the reading, sermon, or devotion this week?
  • Why are memorials/monuments so important to us in life?
  • Are there memorials/monuments that you have visited that are meaningful for you?
  • There are many informal personal memorials in our life too. Look around your house or office and see just how many there are?
  • We have memorials/monuments and other items that remind us of the things God has done for us. Can you think of what some of those things are?
  • What benefits are there to being reminded of the things of the past (especially the things God has done)?