February 11, 2018


Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: Joshua 24:14-15, 28-31, Mark 9:2-9
CLICK HERE TO READ Joshua 24:14-15,28-31

Connection Points 2-11-18 (Joshua 24:14-15, 28-31)

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” These well-known words of Joshua have been displayed in the homes of Christians for centuries.  They remind us that we live in a world where many do not serve, follow, or have faith in the Lord.  As sinners forgiven by the blood of the crucified and risen Christ, we are to love our neighbor and care for creation all while honoring and worshiping the Lord.  We do this even when the rest of the world create their own gods and turn to violence and hatred in order to gain the upper hand.

We are going to stick with God, because God is the One who sticks with us.  When we were lost and alone in our brokenness – Christ died, and Christ rose so that we might become children of God.  Don’t abandon the God that gave up everything so that you might be His own!

Connection Points Discussion Questions 2-11-18

  • Read Joshua 24
  • What stuck with you from the reading, message, or devotion this week?
  • Where have you seen Joshua’s famous words at the end of verse 15 displayed before? Do you have this verse in your own house anywhere?
  • Why might it be easier to display these words inside your house as opposed to outside your house?
  • Have you ever had to take a stand for your faith in your life? Did you face danger or persecution?
  • How might this verse take on new meaning for Christians living in our world in the future as we look at how things are changing in the world?

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