May 6, 2018

Weekly Scripture Reading:
This Week’s Scripture Reading: 1 John 4:1-19, John 15:1-8


Connection Points 5-6-18 (John 17)

In John 17 Jesus prays for you. His prayer is a beautiful picture of what God’s will is for us.  God wants us to know Him and to know eternal life.  He wants us to know that eternal life comes through faith in His Son.  He wants us to know joy and to know truth. He wants us to be united in love for each other and in the mission to “make disciples” as we are sent out by the power of the Spirit.  God protects us by the “power of His Name” in this life. By the power of the Word, you bear the Name of the Triune God.

So, get out there and live, love, serve, and proclaim Jesus in joy and truth. You know how this story goes.  You know God’s will for your “eternal” life.  You know God in and through Jesus.  The Spirit assures us and is a deposit of what is to come. Prayers often reveal what is in a person’s heart.  You just got a glimpse into the heart of Jesus!


Connection Point Discussion Questions 5-6-18

  • Read John 17
  • What strikes you most about the prayer of Jesus in this reading?
  • Read through and identify the main things Jesus prays for. What is at the heart of His prayer?
  • What do you pray for most? What is at the heart of your prayer?
  • What does this prayer of Jesus reveal to us about who we are and our status with God?
  • The prayer of Jesus is perfectly inline with the will of the Father. Why and how can our prayers also be inline with the Father’s will?