September 23, 2018

This Week’s Scripture ReadingJames 3:13-18, Mark 9:30-37

Click here to read James 3:13-18

Click here to read Mark 9: 30-37

Connection Points 9-23-18 – (James 3:13-18 & Mark 9:30-37)

Legacy Weekend (I confess I am breaking my 180-word limit for this devotion.  But this topic of Legacy takes a few extra words to explain.) – Legacy is not about what I leave behind.  Legacy is about what Jesus leaves behind through me.  Legacy is not about me stepping up for Jesus, but instead about me yielding to Jesus.  I don’t need to have a legacy – But Jesus desires that His living legacy would be displayed in my life.  In the end it is Jesus who leaves a living legacy – not me and not you.  So please, love others, care for creation, teach your children about Jesus, forgive those that hurt you, and support the work of the Church.  You are free and blessed to let the living legacy of Jesus shine through your life in these ways.

Now if you are getting in the way of the living legacy that Jesus leaves, then confess and get out of His way. The fact is we all get in the way of Jesus daily.  Maybe some of you who have children or grandchildren that don’t know Jesus wonder if it’s your fault because you didn’t do a good enough job leaving a Legacy of Faith.  Here’s a bit of truth – If our children’s salvation was dependent on how well we left a Legacy of Faith, then none of our children would ever be saved.  The salvation of your children and the future of the Church it is dependent on the Living Legacy that Jesus leaves by the power of the Spirit working through the Word.  The Legacy of Jesus will go on with or without us.  But thanks be to God that Jesus lets us come along for the ride.  Immanuel – thank you for letting the Living Legacy of Jesus shine through you!

Connection Point Discussion Questions 9-23-18

  • Read James 3:13-18 & Mark 9:30-37
  • What stuck with you from the readings, sermon, or devotion this week?
  • How do you define the word legacy?
  • How does Jesus leave a living legacy through His Church (The Body of Christ) today?
  • Think about the Feeding of the 5,000 account in the Gospels. How does the living legacy of Jesus get displayed in the lives of the disciples?
  • God doesn’t need us to grow the Kingdom, but He desires to use us. What does that mean to you and how does it impact how you live your life?