October 14, 2018

This Week’s Scripture Reading

Click here to read Romans 3:21-31

Click here to read Mark 10: 17-22

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Connection Points 10-14-18 (Helmet of Salvation)

Helmets help keep us safe.  We rear a helmet when riding a bike because sometimes there are bumps in the road.  Other times cars pull out without looking.  Then there are times when we are not being careful and do dumb things when riding a bike.  Helmets help keep us safe when riding a bike.  Have you ever wished there was a helmet for life?

In life there are bumps in the road, others hurt us, and of course our own sin gets us in trouble.  God gives us the Helmet of Salvation.  Christ wore the original helmet of salvation, but it was a crown of thorns and he wore it as he hung on the cross for the sins of the world.  Through His life, death, and resurrection Christ now gives us our helmet of salvation.  Ours however is not a crown of thorns, but the crown of life.  Salvation is yours today and forever.  Rejoice that you have been connected to Christ who is our head.


Connection Points Discussion Questions 10-14-18

  • Read again Ephesians 6:10-20
  • What stuck with you from the sermon or devotion this week?
  • What are the three ways that riding a bike is like “riding” through life?
  • What are some of the bumps in the road that you have dealt with in life?
  • Has your life been impacted by the sins of others?
  • How has your own sin caused you to stumble and fall?
  • How does knowing that you have salvation in Jesus help you deal with the three challenges of life discussed this week?