February 3, 2019

This weeks Scripture reading:

Click here to read Luke 4:31-44

Connection Points 2-3-19 (Luke 4:31-44)

Who is Jesus?  He is the Christ – The Son of God!  Apparently even the demons knew that.  Outside of a few people like Peter, Martha, and eventually Thomas, it seems as though the demons were the ones to most often identify Jesus for who He really was.  The demons knew who Jesus was, but they did not have saving faith in Jesus. There is a big difference.  People can look at Jesus and know that He does miracles and has great power.  Even today people can study theology, pray, go to church, and do good works, but none of that translates into faith in Jesus.  On our own we don’t have the ability, power, or even the desire to believe in Jesus. 

Faith in Jesus is a gift.  God, through the power of the Spirit working through the Word (Jesus), creates faith in our hearts.  The Good News of the Gospel that Jesus lived, died, and rose for you is the power that that touches your heart and opens your mouth to confess Jesus as Lord!

Connection Points 2-3-19

  • Read Luke 4:31-44
  • What did you find interesting about the reading, sermon, or devotion this week?
  • Why do you think Jesus was so quick to silence the demons when they identified who He was?
  • What do you think is the difference between knowledge of Jesus and saving faith in Jesus?
  • We all have the power to learn about Jesus.  But who has the power to create faith in Jesus?  Can you think of Scripture that supports your answer?
  • The main purpose for Jesus coming to earth was not to display His power by healing people and driving out demons.  According to Luke 4:43 what took priority over performing miracles for Jesus?