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  1. I can't say enough about Immanuel and how it has impacted our lives ( in so many ways) in the short time that we have been members. 

    One thing that I would like to comment on today is how much both my husband and I appreciate the fact that you stream your sermons.   In the last few weeks I have used it quite a bit as I had surgery and wasn't able to come at first and then it seemed that my brain wasn't prossessing it that well.   On those Sundays I could go home and listen to the messages again.   Today it was yet another issue that I seem to have.   I forgot my hearing aids and have now made sure that I heard it right.  I also like to pass on to others the suggestion that they listen to some great sermons.

    One thing that I would appreciate is including the bible passage, on line, that the sermon is based on and the date.   We both have been enjoying the yearlong bible study (what a great idea that was) that Immanuel does each year.   Sometimes the verses listed are changed and it makes it difficult to study what the bible (Life Application) says on the subject.   

    I hope I didn't offend anyone at a recent meeting that we were invited to.   I still agree that a little eye contact, a smile or some small way of interacting with people in church would be great.    BUT I have to mention that I received several wonderful get-well cards from people that I hardly knew.    Very much appreciated.    I also was singled out at Denny's by a lovely lady who tried hard to get my attention to let me know that she recognized me from Immanuel!   I believe her name was Lynne Johnson, but not sure as I picked her picture out from the photo directory.   I mentioned to her how much I appreciated her talking to me.    I also know that a lot of it is up to me.

    Thanks so much for all you do at Immanuel.  Lots of churches and pastors in our life and Immanuel is at the top.   JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!


    Janet Kruyne

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