What to expect on a Sunday Morning

9:30 am lesson/activity time

3-year-olds – Kindergarten: Room 149

Lesson times for Pre-K are all about activity! Helpers guide kids through stories, songs, crafts, snacks, and games that align with the Bible readings chosen for church each week. This gives parents a great chance to talk with their children about what they’re learning!

1st – 5th Grade: Small Gym

Elementary students are divided into age-appropriate groups who explore the week’s lesson in a hands-on, creative way. Lessons align with the Bible readings chosen for church each week to allow families to discuss what they’re learning!

(Nursery Care available for Younger Children ages 0-3 years old)

10:00 am worship

Next, all students join together for the high energy worship of Christ for Kids Worship. Kids follow along with easy-to-follow songs and actions and hear a kid-friendly version of the sermon, often delivered with a story or props to catch children’s interest. Leaders also teach kids key elements of worship such as the Invocation, Apostles’ Creed, and Benediction.

A Note for Families Attending the 9:30 Church Service: 

A Note for Families Attending the 9:30 Church Service:

At Immanuel, we feel it is important to worship together as a family. Immanuel’s 9:30am service is designed with this in mind.

The first half of the service is ideal for families to enjoy together with Bible readings, prayers, music, and communion. Around 10am, the beginning of the sermon marks a transition point for children to join Christ for Kids in the small gym.

As you arrive for the 9:30 service, head to the Connection Center and fill out a name tag for your child. You will also find name tags in the pews. Before the sermon begins, Pastor will dismiss the children who would like to participate and they will be escorted to the small gym. You are free to walk your child to the gym yourself, if you feel that would work better. Pick-up follows the conclusion of the service in the small gym (around 10:30).