Joining Jesus at Immanuel

Starting this fall, we'll be exploring the concepts in Pastor Greg Finke's book "Joining Jesus on His Mission," seeing how we might each share the hope that is within us as we are connected to Christ. Lord willing, you will feel both relief and hope as you gain insights into how to recognize where Jesus is already at work in your everyday world and join Him!

Greg Finke Website

Christ for Kids "On a Mission"  

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WHere will you see Joining jesus on his Mission at immanuel

Check out all the ways we will be Joining Jesus on His Mission below. 

    • Joining Jesus Preaching Focus (all services)
    • Christ for Kids Worship Option and New Monthly Teaching Spotlight at 9:15am Bridge Service
    • Shift Back to 11am Horizon Service Time
    • Joining Jesus 10:15am Pastor's Bible Study
    • Christ for Kids "On a Mission" for PreK3-5th Grade at 10:15am
    • Small Group Bible Studies Resume (for a full list check out more under the Get Connected tab)
    • Nursery reopens for all Sunday services
    • New Prayer Walk posted around campus
    • High School Youth Group resumes (end of Sept.) with new Refuge prayer and praise service on Wednesday evenings
    • Jr. High Hangout resumes Wed. afternoons
    • Various Interest/Service Groups resume (for more info check out the get connected tab)